Whilst today no casino can do without a few slot machines scattered along its floors, slots has over the past decade rapidly become a much-loved game in the online gaming world. Please visit new usa friendly online casinos and make money online.

This is interesting given slots’ relatively recent history that can be traced back to just over a hundred and twenty years ago. Whilst Sittman and Pitt Company designed the first slot machines, the man responsible for making slots the enjoyable game it is today is Charles Feyton. He created the first slot machine that could accept coins and paid back in money instead of cigarettes and a free drink that the Sittman and Pitt machines offered. They slowly became extremely popular and were sought after by casinos that intended to use them to entertain the ladies whilst men involved themselves in heavy betting. However, the slot machines were discovered topping the table games in earnings, to the astonishment of all. Please visit real money casinos online and make extra cash.

Did you know that Slot machines are affectionately referred to as “Pokies” in Australia? nobody is entirely sure why the slang word became exclusive to Australia, but we do know that it evolved from the words “Poker Machine” – referring to the first gambling slot machines that appeared in clubs and bars. To check out some Online Pokies, go to aussieonlinepokies.com. You can make more money by visiting online slot machines real money

The slot machine slowly moved from a mechanical to an electro-mechanical era where machines were powered by a motor and cost a lot more to make. Then came the computerized era in the 1980s with the production of the video poker slot machine, that accepted bills as well as coins marking a revolutionary change in the method of betting. However, it was the rise of the online casino that raised the profile of the game of slots. With online gaming, individuals no longer had to be at a casino to enjoy the pleasures of betting and winning money. Gambling sites broke the territorial constraints that land casinos had by taking the casino to anyone who had the technology and way legally capable of accessing such sites. Today they lead the way in providing amazing games with chances of a big payout within the push of a button. Visit gambling online and learn more about gambling online.